Palm Leaves & Indigo

Dear Darlings,


Writing to you from one of the tiny Grenadine Islands, set perfectly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. 


Mr. Pony loves the tropics and would never trust anyone who doesn't. The intoxicating heat, lush foliage, and sexy water diversions imprint notions of a magical, eternal Summertime for those of us living in parts of the world with Wintery times, such as New York City. One way to capture this essence all year round is to re-create the rich contrasts found in the landscape of jungle lined beaches (Think Tulum, St. Vincent, Fiji). Emerald palm leaves over deep ocean blue and light indigo, floral splashes of bright pink or yellow, tanned leather details and stark white accents reminiscent of white sandy beaches will create a heady and exotic atmosphere at home.


All year long, Mr. Pony inspires us to bring the vibrance of the equatorial region into our everyday life. Take a look at our hand made indigo quilts, our Vietnamese seagrass baskets to hold your growing palm plant, and our pink cactus silk pillows from Morocco. Trust us, you will feel the heat. 


Yours truly,

Lovable Mr. Neel

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