Original Sous-Verre Painting by Serigne Gueye

  • One of a kind and rare. Original painting by the talented artist Serigne Gueye from Dakar, Senegal. During Mr. Gueye's life, he painted in the traditional sous-verre ("under glass") technique which is said to have migrated from North Africa to Senegal about 200 years ago. He worked in a small studio in Centre Artisanal, in the bustling marketplace in the middle of the city. The New York Times considered Mr. Gueye's studio a necessary stop to make when in Dakar. Likable Mr. Pony was introduced to his work in 2014. In vibrant yellow and blue, with hints of gold, Gueye dipicted a regal looking woman in the traditional matching batik dress and head-wrap. It is an excellent example of his distinct style. Signed on the lower left corner. Will need to be framed to be hung on a wall. Also looks great leaning on a mantel, desk, bookshelf etc. Fragile. Size: 13 x 9 5/16 inches (33 x 24 cm). Materials: glass and acrylic paint.


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